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Originally from Yorkshire, Jade decided to take on the urban settings of London to start her first business at the  ambitious age of 18. Since then she has designed and owned her own successful fashion brand and opened boutiques and  factories and wholesaled her brand to high street giants and online department stores across the U.K. and Europe.    As if this wasn’t enough to demonstrate her entrepreneurial characteristics, she worked as an executive producer for the  famous director Herman Vaske. Vaske loved Jade’s creative spark and ideas. This became a spring board into advertising  and marketing for many well know household brands and fashion labels that we recognise today.  Left on the backburner was Jade's secret, her raw, authentic voice, bubbling beneath the surface. All her life she locked  her talent away. She knew it was there but decided not to use it. She recalls; "my mother was constantly frustrated that I  didn’t take my singing voice more serious".  As time passed, Jade identified herself more and more as a business woman,  and coming from a business minded family, she continued to suppress her talent to carry on with her business. 


In 2012 Jade made a life changing decision. Feeling unbalanced and like something was missing Jade decided, somewhat  hastily, to close her business down. She swapped the fashion label, boutiques and factories for a new life abroad in Florence, Italy. This was a huge gamble but one she will never regret. She fell in love and made many long lasting loyal  friendships. She shares "not many people know that Florence has a thriving community of creative entrepreneurs from all  over the Globe".   Sadly all this came to a sudden end when in 2016, Jade’s best friend Ashley Olsen was murdered in her own home in  Florence, Italy. Jade became anxious about life, and lost all drive. She decided to move back to London with her Italian  partner Edoardo. Shortly after moving back home she fell pregnant with a beautiful daughter, Blue.  Blue brought Jade slowly back to life. The pure love and joy that Blue brought made Jade start to write. It came so  naturally to her, she recalls how “lyrics and music would come to me in the bath", often, Jade would be writing poems,  which would then organically turn into songs. She accepted that the voice bubbling beneath the surface, served a purpose  to her writing. She had something to say and she needed it to be heard. Jade showed her music to her neighbour, June,  who played piano, and before she knew it Jade’s path aligned with well-known London music Producer's, Sean Hargreaves  and Leo Appleyard. 


The heartbreak of her friend and the birth of her daughter made Jade realise that life is too short not to follow your true  bliss. She is now doing just that and has never been happier. "I finally feel like I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. I  don’t need to sell anything, this feels like the real, authentic and true me". Jade believes that in Britain’s current  atmosphere, we need to remember that a countries true strength is in its people. “The U.K. is a multicultural mixing pot  of survivors, and regardless of the outcome of Brexit, we are all resilient and can face anything”. She hopes this positive  message comes through in her debut single, “Pearly Queen, released on the 13th May 2019.